Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors


Art Event 9-13-15

Exhibit of paintings by Illinois Artist Laureate Kay Smith

An opening reception for Kay Smith “Painting for Myself art exhibit will be held Sunday, September 13, 2015, at the Old Town Triangle Association Gallery in Chicago, from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. All are welcome.

This exhibit of original watercolor paintings is from the personal portfolio of Kay Smith. Kay is Artist Laureate of Illinois, a renowned watercolor teacher and foremost historical painter of the American scene. She lives in Chicago.

When not working on her American history art projects, Kay enjoys the opportunity to paint for herself. She finds inspiration in home and hearth, gardens and travel. This exhibit showcases her as the private artist -- still-lifes, paintings from her trips to Hawaii, Tahiti, Carmel and small Midwestern towns, and favorite artworks past and present.

Unlike most of Kay’s art, thePainting for Myself pieces are for sale at the Gallery. This is a rare chance to own one of her original paintings.



Art Event 2-8-14

When Kay Smith Talks about Red Tails Escorting the B17s
Artist Kay Smith will discuss her painting Red Tails Escorting the B17s and provide insight into the research, including interviews with veterans, that inspired her work. Attendees are welcome to tour the Pritzker Military Library following the discussion.

Artist Laureate Kay Smith Artist of the The American Legacy Collection Kay Smith's original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience

In Citizen Soldier, Stephen Ambrose wrote " The world's greatest democracy fought the world's greatest racist with a segregated army".  

The Tuskegee Airmen had to fight for the right to fight for victory overseas while simultaneously fighting for victory against racism at home.

Artist Kay Smith will discuss how her painting "Red Tails Escorting the B17s" commissioned by the Pritzker Military Museum & Library reveals these stories. She will provide insight into her research, her interviews with veterans that inspired her work and how aerial perspective required for painting airplanes in the sky was almost "a bridge too far" for her brush to reach.

A brief Q&A session will follow the discussion and attendees are welcome to tour the library afterwards.


The artist has kept The American Legacy Collection intact with the purpose of establishing a museum for the paintings either privately or in league with an established museum valuing historical art--a permanent home where it can be viewed in its entirety, bringing the scope of the American story boldly to life for generations to come.

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The Tuskegee Airmen RED TAILS Escorting the B17s
Live Discussion with Artist Kay Smith
Event Date: 02/08/2014                   Members – $5; Guests – $10.
Event Time: 10:30 AM To 12:00 PM
Event Category: Public Event
Event Sponsor:   Lincoln Park Village
Event Location:   Pritzker Military Museum  & Library
104 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60603