Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors


Classes and Workshops

When Kay Smith Talks
people listen, they hear and see America come to life through the eyes of an artist and through the words of a master storyteller, educator, and historian.

A painter of historic sites, Kay Smith has traveled extensively in Canada, France, England, Italy, Spain, Cuba and the length and breadth of the United States to paint our nation’s historic events and landmarks.

Artist Laureate Kay Smith Artist of the The American Legacy Collection Kay Smith's original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience

Her American Legacy Collection is a magnificent body of work consisting of 270 watercolor paintings and black and white drawings. It is the largest collection of its kind ever done by a single artist in one medium, watercolor. In 1994, in recognition of the importance of this work for education and preservation of our history/heritage, the Lincoln Academy of Illinois invested Kay Smith Artist Laureate of Illinois as a life time appointment.

Kay Smith has an unique perspective on the men, women, and events that shaped our American lives. With humor and charm she gives insights into past and present America that are not found in most chronicles of history. Her three stimulating talks described below are realistically illustrated with slides of her paintings and can be adapted to any audience.

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