Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors Artist Laureate of Illinois Historical Locations in Watercolors


Location of Sites Painted by Kay Smith Painter of the American Scene

Oakleigh Plantation, Mobile
Bellingrath Gardens, Mobile

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Mission San Carlos Borremeo, Carmel

Artist Laureate Kay Smith Artist of the The American Legacy Collection Kay Smith's original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience

Center Church on the Green, New Haven
Mark Twain House, Hartford
Harriet Beecher Stowe Home, Hartford
Connecticut Hall, Yale University, New Haven
Connecticut Hall, w/c sketch

Amstel House, New Castle
State House, New Castle
Old Dutch House, New Castle

John Audubon House, Key West
Castillo de San Marcos, Ste. Augustine
Oldest House in U.S., Ste. Augustine
International Swimming Hall of Fame, Fort Lauderdale
Ding Darling Bird Sanctuary I, Sanibel Island
Ding Darling Bird Sanctuary II, Sanibel Island
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria arriving Miami Port, 1991
Governor's Palace, Ste. Augustine

Pirate's House, Savannah
Madison Square, Savannah
Cornwallis' Cannon, Savannah

Lewis and Clark on Trail

Bronze Liberty Bell, Kaskaskia
Abraham Lincoln's Home, Springfield
Abraham Lincoln's Home in Moonlight, Springfield
Clark House, Chicago
Buckingham Fountain, Chicago
University of Chicago, Chicago
Armour Institute, IIT Campus, Chicago
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Desert Storm Parade 1991, Chicago
Tom Lincoln's Log Homestead, Charleston
Berry Lincoln Store, New Salem
Post Office, New Salem
Rutledge Tavern, New Salem
Second Capitol of Illinois, Vandalia
Carl Sandburg's Birthplace, Galesburg
Ulessys S. Grant Residence, Galena
John Deere Home, Grand Detour
Interior of John Deere Home, Grand Detour
Old Capitol Building, Springfield
Ronald Reagan's Home Place, Dixon
Lewis & Clark Launch Reenactment, Hartford
Fort du Chartres, Prairie du Rocher
Centennial Farm, near Vandalia
Starved Rock, near Ottawa
Immaculate Church, Kaskaskia
Clinton/Gore Bus Campaign 1992, Vandalia
3 Sketches Confluence of Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

The Hall of Fame of Auto Racing, Indianapolis

Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Lubec

Colonial Kitchen Hammond-Harwood Home, Annapolis
William Paca House, Annapolis
Maryland State House, Annapolis
Charles Carroll House, Annapolis
Doughreghan Manor, Elliott City
Fort McHenry, Baltimore
Lacrosse Hall of Fame, Baltimore
Pimlico Race Track, Baltimore
Old Wye Church, Wye, b/w
Old Wye Oak Tree, Wye, b/w
Old Trinity Church, Oxford

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Old State House, Boston
Old South Meeting House, Boston
First Alms House, Boston
Faneuil Hall, Boston
Home of Paul Revere, Boston
Old North Church, Boston
Colonial Farm, Sturbridge Village
Colonial Kitchen, Sturbridge
Old North Bridge, Concord
First Sketch Old North Bridge
Longfellow House, Cambridge
Emily Dickinson's Home, Amherst
Wayside Inn, Lexington

Greenfield Village, Dearborn

Upper Mississippi River, St. Paul
Ice Palace, St. Paul
Fort Snelling, St. Paul
Source of the Mississipi, Lake Itasca

Pony Express Stable, St. Joseph
Gateway Arch, St. Louis
Arch and Courthouse sketch
Oldest Brick Building West, Ste. Genevieve
Interior of Oldest Brick Building, Ste. Genevieve
Truman Homestead, Grandview
Pony Express Changing Horses

Vicksburg Battlefield, Vicksburg
Ulysses S. Grant Monument, Vicksburg

 New Hampshire
Sherburne House, Portsmouth
William Pitt Tavern, Portsmouth
John Paul Jones Home, Portsmouth, b/w

 New Jersey
Washington's Headquarters, Morristown
The Canal House, Waterloo
Nassau Hall, Princeton
Old Tennett Church, Freehold
Washington's Winter Headquarters, Morristown

 New Mexico
San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe

 New York
Senate House, Kingston
Phillipsburg Manor, North Tarrytown
Huguenot Street, New Paltz
Washington's Winter Headquarters, Newburgh
Fort Putnam, West Point
General Knox Headquarters, Newburgh
Saratoga Battlefield, Saratoga
Fraunces Tavern, New York City
Federal Building, New York City
Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, Long Island
Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain
First sketch of Fort Ticonderoga
Statue of Liberty 1986, New York City
Fireworks Display 1986, New York City
National Museum of Racing, Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Race Track, Saratoga Springs
Doubleday Field, Cooperstown
Hall of Fame of Great Americans, New York City

 North Carolina
World Golf Hall of Fame, Pinehurst
Fourth Green Number Two Course, Pinehurst

Professional Football Hall of Fame, Canton
Aviation Hall of Fame, Dayton
Conestoga Wagon

Lewis and Clark Fort Clatsop, Astoria








Carpenters' Hall I, Philadelphia
Carpenters' Hall II, Philadelphia
Interior of Carpenters' Hall
Old Swedes Church, Philadelphia
The First Bank, Philadelphia
Independence Hall, Philadelphia

Artist Laureate Kay Smith Artist of the The American Legacy Collection Kay Smith's original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience

Christ Church, Philadelphia
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia
Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia
Eldreth's Alley, Philadelphia
Washington's Headquarters, Valley Forge
Company Street, Valley Forge
Knox Covered Bridge, Valley Forge, b/w
Bake Shop,Valley Forge, b/w
Blacksmith Shop, Valley Forge, b/w
Forge Cannon Park, b/w
Von Steuben Headquarters, Valley Forge, b/w
Washington Headquarters, Brandywine
Washington's Study, Valley Forge, b/w
Hospital at Valley Forge
Chew House, Germantown
Lafayette's Headquarters, Brandywine

  Rhode Island

National Lawn Tennis Hall of Fame, Newport
HMS Rose, Newport
Gorch Foch, Newport

 South Carolina
Miles Brewton House, Charleston
Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island
Residence of Thomas Hayward, Charleston
Provost British Dungeon, Charleston

South Dakota
Mount Rushmore, Rapid City

Artist Laureate Kay Smith Artist of the The American Legacy Collection Kay Smith's original watercolors chronicle 500 years of the American experience

The Hermitage, Nashville
Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville

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Alamo, San Antonio
Mission San Jose, San Antonio

Carlyle House, Alexandria
Captain's Row, Alexandria
Washington's Surveying Office, Alexandria
Gunston Hall, Alexandria
Gunston Hall Gardens, Alexandria
Gadsby's Tavern, Alexandria
Gadsby's Tavern Interior, Alexandria
Courtyard of Gadsby's Tavern
Rising Sun Tavern, Alexandria
Christ Church, Alexandria
Pohick Church, Pohick
St. Peters Church, near Williamsburg
Light Horse Harry Lee's House, Alexandria
Mount Vernon, Alexandria
Mount Vernon, Warming Kitchen
Mount Vernon, Main Kitchen
Mount Vernon, Smoke House
First sketch of Mount Vernon
Mary Bell Washington's Residence, Fredericksburg
The Powder Horn, Williamsburg
George Wyth House, Williamsburg
House of Burgesses, Williamsburg
House of Burgesses sketch
Interior of House Burgesses, Williamsburg
Garden of the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg
Governor's Palace, Williamsburg
Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg
Bruton Parish Courtyard
Raleigh Tavern, Williamsburg
King's Arms Tavern, Williamsburg
King's Arms Interior, b/w
Carter's Grove Plantation, Williamsburg
Brush Evard Kitchen, Williamsburg
Tower at Jamestown
James Fort, Jamestown
Yorktown Battlefield, Yorktown
Yorktown Fortifications, b/w
Thomas Nelson Residence, Yorktown
Grace Church, Yorktown
Shirley Plantation, Charles City
Sketch of Shirley
Berkeley Plantation, Charles City
McLean House, Appomattox Courthouse
Arlington House and National Cemetery, Arlington
Arlington House and Eternal Flame, Arlington
St. John's Episcopal Church, Richmond
Elsing Green Plantation, Abbington
Courthouse of 1770, Williamsburg

 Washington DC
Dahlgren Chapel, Georgetown University
One Room School, Smithsonian
Nineteenth Century Drugstore, Smithsonian
Child's Room, Smithsonian
Iwo Jima Memorial
Supreme Court Building
White House in Snowstorm
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
Return of the Hostages 1981
Statuary Hall of Great Americans, Capitol Building

American Berkebeiner, Cable
Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Hayward
Log Rolling Contest, Hayward

Bleinheim Palace, Woodstock
John Adams Ancestral Home, Flore
Sulgrave Manor, Ancestral Home of Washington, Belgrade
Mayflower Inn, London

The Citadel on the St. Lawrence River
Saint Louis Gates, Quebec City
Fort Chambly on the Richelieu River
Canadian Sports Hall of Fame, Hamilton
Canadian Football Hall of Fame, Toronto

Omaha Beach, Normandy
Pointe du Hoc Battle, Normandy
American Bomber, Normandy
Zebra Striped Bombers, over English Channel
Normandy Memorial
Pointe du Hoc Battlefield

Columbus's Birthplace, Genoa
The Old Quarter, Genoa


Reenactment of Columbus' Voyage 1991, Huelva
Sketch of Reenactment, Huelva 
Caravels Entering the Open Sea, Magagon
Church of Santa Maria, Sanlacar
La Rabida Monastery, Cadiz
St. Raphael and the Mosque, Cordova
Parador San Francisco, Granada
Court of the Lions, Granada
Tower of Gold, Seville
Mosque at Night, Cordova
Flamenco Dancer, Seville
Bull Fight
Bull Fight Poster
Replica of the Nina, Isla Christina
Royal Palace of Isabella, Barcelona
Old Cathedral, Barcelona
Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria Arrival 1991, Miami, Florida
Fourth Century Roman Bridge, Cordova

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